Soul Discovery Radio Show 20/8/17

Terry Callier “I’m a drifter” (Prestige) LP
Greg Blackman “Never trust another man (Ramrock Promo) 12’
The Intrigues “Give her the love that she needs”” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
Reggie Boone “Gonna be alright” (Momma Momma Music)
Joey Oscar “Good times” (Jomoco Music)
Reggie Boone “Stand”(Momma Momma Music)
Roz Ryan “Put love back” (7th Galaxy Promo) 7’
Sammie Relford “Breaking ice on love” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Lee fields “Precious love” (Big Crown) 7’
Echris “All my love” (RFC/Fresh Records Promo)
Joey Oscar “We are one” (Jomoco Music)
James Day “Divine” (Remix)
The Inevitable Magic Touch “Ooh ooh wee” (PAP Music)
Jerry Wilder “Pathway” (Hoprock)
Jerry Wilder “This time it’s love” (WPN)
Stan Ivory feat: Jerry Wilder,Rick Webb, Al Mason
“Play song again” (Total Control Records)
The Intrigues “You are so dear to me”” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
2nd Look “Keep it real” (Second look)
Bear Williams “Water of love” (GVR)
Soul Hustles “Baby you um’ right” (GVR)
Kea Michaels “I love you” (KeaSoulMusic)
Ronnie Walker “Just can say hello (once you’ve said goodbye)” (Event) 7’
Bobby Manuel feat: William Brown & J. Blackfoot
“Never found a girl” (BM)
Ten -63 The Browns “You and Me” (locobop)
The Inevitable Magic Touch “You got the love” (PAP)


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