Soul Discovery 25/2/18 tracklist / playlist

Soul Discovery 25/2/18 tracklist:
Samuel Ham + M.O.G. “All things are possible” (Low Low)
Cardell Harrington “My hearts broke” (Promo)
The Nu-Rons “All my life” (Soul Junction) 7’
Reggie Boone “I’m so proud” (RB)
Gizelle Smith feat” Eric Boss “Hero” (Jalapeno)
Between The Two “Next step” (Right Combination Promo) 7’
The Precisions “My sense of direction (is blown)” (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’
Eric Dedonair McNair “Pay your love back” (Debonair Music Productions)
Mark IV “I got everything” (Cordial Recordings LP Promo)
Carmichael Music Lover “The Medicine” (One Mic Music, Atlanta)
EL’ WILLIE “Shardarp II” (Cannonball Records Promo) 7’
The Imports “I’m not ashamed of loving you” (Remined) 7’
Superior Band “Ready to love you” (Studio Howtime)
Cayenne “Here I am” (ODM)
The Evereadys “So real” (Malaco)
Will Easley “If I let you go” (Nivel)
Nashon Fondren “How can I let you go”(Promise Child)
The Masqueraders “Oh my goodness” (Soul 4 Real Promo) 7
Kat Roberts “Stand up for what you want” (Cordial Recordings Promo) 7’
Omar Cunningham feat: Willie Clayton “Shysters & wannabes” (Endzone)
John Edwards “Walls that separate our love” (Kent Promo) 7’
The Sentiments “She won’t be gone long” (Transistor Sound) 7’
The Precisions “Take a good look” (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’
George Soul “It’s just a matter of time” (Soulscape)
Mr. Wonderful Band “We ain’t got no $$$” (Cannonball Records Promo) 7’
The Tolbert Family Singers Feat: O.C. Tolbert “Ride the gospel Train”
(Cordial Recordings Promo) 7’
Chuck Arrington “My sole desire” (CA)
F.B.I. “Talking about” (Good Earth) LP