Soul Discovery 04/3/18 tracklist / playlist

Soul Discovery 04/3/18 tracklist:
Carmichael Music Lover “The Medicine” (One Mic Music, Atlanta)
Ronnie Wright “For always”(Bespeak)
Steve T “Something about you” (RFC Records)
Gizelle Smith feat” Eric Boss “Hero” (Jalapeno)
Chuck Stephens “Paying for love” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Robert Owens “My girl” (On Fire Recordings)
EL’ Willie “Shardarp II” (Cannonball) 7’
The Sentiments “She won’t be gone long” (Transistor Sound) 7’
Ruby & The Mudflaps “Is that enough” (Cordail Promo) 7’
Lee Shot Williams “Ain’t no use” (Wilson)
The Precisions “My sense of direction (is blown)” (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’
Bobby Wayne “This house is hunted” (Bonedog
Sandro Brugnolini, Giorgio Carnini “Giovane clan” (Four Files Records Promo) LP
Gianni Oddi, Gianni Dell’Orso “Soul Meeting “ (Four Files Records Promo) LP
L&L Parr “Don’t say bye bye” (L&L)
Ronnie Wright “Let it go” (Bespeak)
Mark IV “I got everything” (Cordial Recordings LP Promo)
Jerry L “Put love first” (P-Vine) LP
Chuck Stephens “Let’s get nasty” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Marvin Sease “Thank for this life (I’ve been given)” (Double M) 7’
Mr. Wonderful Band “We ain’t got no $$$” (Cannonball Records Promo) 7’
Between The Two “Next step” (Right Combination Promo) 7’
Fletcher Flowers “When you wake up” (The Rabbit Factory)
Bobby Womack “What is this” (Minit) LP
The Masqueraders “We fell in love” (Soul 4 Real Promo) 7’
Michael B. Sutton “Bandaid” (Little Dizzy)
Dramatic “I feel it’
Roger Smith feat The Temptations “I’ll aways love you” (Roger Ray Smith Music)