Horse Meat Disco – Essential Mix 2017-12-23 tracklist / playlist

Horse Meat Disco – Essential Mix 2017-12-23 tracklist:
The Rhythm Markers – Zone (Remix) [Vigor]
Johnny Harris – Odyssey Part 1 [Sunshine Sound Disco]
Universial Energy – Disco Energy
Pete Shelley – Witness The Change [Arista]
Paul McCartney – What’s That You’re Doing (feat. Stevie Wonder) [Parlophone]
War – Youngblood (Living On The Streets) [MCA]
Stargard – It’s Your Love That I’m Missing [Warner]
Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus [Mute]
Tele Music – Life and Fun (Edit) [DJ History]
Andromeda Orchestra – Kano Line Dance [Faze Action]
Horse Meat Disco – Waiting For You To Call (Remix) [Horse Meat Disco]
Qwestlife – Give Me A Minute [Glitterbox]
TB Funk – Free Blow (Dub)
The Tubes – Drums [Capitol]
Lisa King – You’ve Got Music (Edit)
Black Spuma – No Cube [International Feel Recordings]
The Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul Rainbow (Edit) [Salsoul]
Fatback Band – Spanish Hustle (Remix)
Quando Quango – Genius [Factory]
BumbleBee Unlimited – I Love You [Unidisk]
Yam Who? – Getting High (Re Edit)
Strange Affair – Don’t Stop The Music [Targa]
Elbertina Twinkie Clarke – Jesus I’ll Never Forget [Sound Of Gospel]
Diana Ross – That’s How You Start [RCA]
Sticky Jones Gang – Tunisian Ride [Columbia]
The Masqueraders – Rock Jam [Bang]
Horse Meat Disco – Let’s Go Dancing (feat. Amy Douglas) [Horse Meat Disco]

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