Soul Discovery Radio Show 28/5/17

Soul Discovery
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Dwight Tribe feat: Mattew Hallsall “Tryin’ times” (Gondwana Promo) LP
Trudy Lynn “You’re the one” (Sawdust Alley)
James Day Feat: Glenn Jones, Tony Terry, Tim Owens, & U-Nam, Lin Roundtree.
“Speak Love” (Promo)
Holidays “ Too many times” (Soul Junction) CD
Fredrick “I can’t help but love you” (Abl Records)
Episode “If you think that you love me” (Cobalt)
The Just Right Band feat: Ve’al “It’s gotta be love” (TJRBV)
Jay King “Running” (Expansion Promo)
Lizz Wright “Open your can fly” (Decca – UMO)
Redd Vel
Robert Montgomery “Time of the day” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
Richie Merritt “It’s never to late” (Deltron) 7’
Jewel Bass
Heet ’n’ Koolin Sistm “You’re just what I need” (Conowill)
JSB “Can’t get over you” (Peno)12’
The Axa Band “Just for you” (Promo)
Gary Boyd “You & I” (KonKord)
Sweet Thunder “I leave you stronger” (Fantasy) LP
David Sea “Stay in my arms” (Park Place)
LTD “You don’t know” (Philly Town Crier)
Jon Lucien “Sweet control” (Polygram)
David Sea “Let’s just get together” (Shotgun) 7’
Jim Manns “What you got” (Black Giant) 7’
Heet ’n’ Koolin Sistm “I’ll be there to night” (Conowill)
Jesse Sadoc feat: Alberto Continentino, Glauton Campello, Kiko Continentino
Marcelo Martins, Renato Massa and Marcos Valle
“Na Raia Total” (Humaita Music Pub)