Soul Discovery Radio Show 25/6/17

Ripple “Beat goes on” (Salsoul) 12’
Robert Montgomery “Take me high” (Soul Junction) 7’
Leroy Hutson “Positive forces” (Acid Jazz) 7’
Patrick Green “Bit of more than I could chew” (Remix)
Mark IV “Give me just little” (Cordial) 7’
Melvin Brown & James Matthews “’Love stormy weather” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Sugaray Rayford “Take me back” (Daptone Promo) 7’
E.R.I.C (Extra Rich In Class) “Nightlife” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
Dwight Tribe feat: Mattew Hallsall “Feelin good” (Gondwana Promo) LP
Mother Braintree “”Let me lay beside you” (Kinsman Promo) 7’
Mother Braintree “”Sailing” (Kinsman Promo) 7’
Jon Paul Martines “With you” (Bub) 12’
Park Place Present The Songs of Paul Tilman Smith “Miracles” (Promo)
Eugene Morgan “Do you know what love is” (Bonedog)
Indentity Crisis “I’ve got what you need” (Tabu) LP
Jocelyn Ripley “Easy loving you” (GDI) 12’
Carl Carlton “One more minute” CTU
E.R.I.C (Extra Rich In Class) “Backstage” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
William Kooly Scott “Love ballad” (WKS)
Vince Chapman “Key Conversations” (Chazmuzic)
Intrigues “Let me love you tonight (radio mix)” (Promo)
B.T.S. “Next to you” (Grandjury)
Melvin Brown & James Matthews “Crying for your love” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Long Dystance feat: Mad Stunman “Committed” (K.Sirrah)
George Benson “The world is a ghetto” (WB) LP