Soul Discovery 28/1/18 tracklist / playlist

Soul Discovery 28/1/18 tracklist:
Episode “If you think you love me” (Cobalt)
Elliott Macauley feat: Karen Ramirez “Give me a sign” (DK)
Bull & The Matadors “A part of my life” (Bigman) 7’
Supa Lowery Brothers “Tho-mas” (Lowry Music)
Supa Lowery Brothers fet: Musiq Soulchld “Gimme your love” (Lowry Music)
The Vic Project “You need to let someboby love you” (Different Circle LLC)
The Nu-Rons “Disco hustle” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Trina Broussard “Where I’m supposed to be” (R&B Moguls Entertainment)
Bags “Hey girl” (It’s Soul Time) 7’
Keith Sweat & K-Ci “How Many Ways” (Sony Music Entertainment)
Ki Kyham “Take you out” (Omega)
Frederick “Shoulder to cry on” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Mary J. “Bounce back” (MJB)
Vanessa Mooley “Think bout you” (MOODLAB Promo)
Macs & Rumpelstiltskin “Don’t go” (CMS)
Episode “I don’t wanna lose your love” (Cobalt)
Bull & The Matadors “My babe” (Bigman Records) 7’
Between The Two “Take a little time” (Right Combination Promo) 7’
Curt Darin “Two on a cloud” (Soul Junction) CD
Five Crowns “Get to be my baby” (Soul Junction) CD
Robert Montgomery “Love song about you” (Soul Junction) CD
Reggie Boone Made of love” (Promo)
Ten 63 The Browns “You & me” (Locobop)
Between The Two “Next step” (Right Combination Promo) 7’
Don Bryant “It was jealousy” (Fat Possum)
Don Varner “When it’s over” (Charly) LP
Orgone “The black five” (Colemine Records Promo) LP

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