Henry Rollins on NTS Radio 2015-10-21

Henry Rollins on NTS Radio 2015-10-21 tracklist:
The Damned-rabid
999-feelin’ Alright With The Crew
Mere Women-astray
The Sods-pathetic
Alternative Tv-action Time Vision
Buzzcocks-why Can’t I Touch It
The Fall-i’m A Mummy
Bob Mcfadden-the Mummy
Thug-dave’s Back From Outer Space
Meesak Nakaratch-luk Ron
Rare Essence-lock-it
Alan Vega-hammered
The Viletones-rebel
Ak Process-after All Love
Le Butcherettes-they Fuck You Over
The Scorpions-robot Man
Señor Coconut-the Robots
John Cale-chickenshit
Pure Hell-no Rules
Fuzz-let It Live
Creeping Pink-shadow People Don’t Care
Drinks-focus On The Street
Sarah Mary Chadwick-i Can Hear
The Minutemen-validation
The Minutemen (1)-the Maze
The Minutemen-definitions
The Minutemen (1)-sickles And Hammers
The Minutemen-fascist
The Minutemen (1)-joe Mccarthy’s Ghost
The Minutemen (2)-paranoid Chant

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