Henry Rollins on NTS Radio 2015-10-06

Henry Rollins on NTS Radio 2015-10-06 tracklist:
Break #01-greeting-intro / Front Sell
The Damned-wait For The Black Out
The Mob-shuffling Souls
The Uk Subs-ice Age
Die Haut W/ Nick Cave-stow-a-way
Break #02-back Sell / Front Sell
The Mad-fried Egg
Kraftwerk-das Modell
The Skunks-good From The Bad
The Models-man Of The
Break #03-back Sell / Front Sell
Iggy Pop-funtime
David Bowie-sound And Vision
Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz-green Fuz
The Cravats-precinct
The Pagans-street Where Nobody Lives
Break #04-back Sell / Front Sell
Joy Division-transmission
Drinks-laying Down The Rock
The Teen Idles-teen Idles
Negative Trend-black And Red
Nightmare-great Balls Of Fire
Dillinger-cokane In My Brain
Panik-urban Damnation
The Adverts-my Place
Break #05-back Sell / Front Sell
Buzzcocks (1)-breakdown
Buzzcocks (2)-time’s Up
Buzzcocks (3)-boredom
Buzzcocks-friends Of Mine
Break #06-back Sell / Front Sell / Outro
Trouble Funk-part A

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