B.Traits 2017-09-02 Radio Slave, Octo Octa and Elevate tracklist / playlist

B.Traits 2017-09-02 Radio Slave, Octo Octa and Elevate tracklist:
Tulioxi – Animal Funk [Hot Elephant Music] Kotelett & Zadak – Azizam [Exploited Ghetto] Saytek – Cancelled Show [Decay Records] Sebastian Voigt & Simon Haydo – Everything and Nothing (Simon Haydo Rework) [Outcast Odity] Fort Romeau – Emu III (Bird Bonus Beat) [Running Back] Raxon – Jungle Express
Ellen Allien – Call Me [Bpitch Control] Ryan James Ford – Beltline [SHUT] Kmyle – Constantine [Skryptom] Deniro – Tribe [Trip] Tiga vs. Audion – Stabbed In The Back (Vinyl Mix) [Turbo] 2-BMW – Don’t Tell Me (How Love Should Feel) (The Man In Bed’s Love Dub) [Major Problems] Baltra – And I Think Of You (feat. Margaux Lonnberg) [Of Paradise] Stevia – Sensitive Plant [Newstage Records] Dream Cycle – Paradise State [Sneaker Social Club] Physical Therapy – Sting Thing (Desensitized Mix) [Sounds Of Beaubien Quest] Lawrence English – Various Frogs And Leafhoppers, Mt Quican, AU 2010 [Room40] Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me
Nina Kravitz – Ghetto Kravitz (Regal 303 Dub) [Rekids] SP-X – Lost On Arrival [PROJEKTS] Pig&Dan – Growler [Elevate] Dast – Last Dancer [Elevate] Uakoz – Handtrace [Elevate] Pig&Dan – Sandstorm [Elevate] Fer BR – Overdrive [Elevate] Radio Slave – Clone Wars (DJ Spider Remix) [Rekids] Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Remix) [Nonplus Records] Radio Slave – Children Of The E [Running Back] Radio Slave – Feel The Same (Koze Edit) [Unreleased] Radio Slave – Grindhouse [Rekids] Radio Slave – Axis [Rekids] Radio Slave – Trans [Rekids] Radio Slave – Forana [Rekids] Radio Slave – With You [Rekids]