B.Traits 2017-07-22 Demian Licht, Tronic & Umfang tracklist / playlist

B.Traits 2017-07-22 Demian Licht, Tronic & Umfang tracklist:
Adesse Versions – Sistem [Razor-N-Tape]
Kijumba – She Drives A Red Ferrari [Taub Recordings]
Kieran Apter – All I Want (Manuel Tur Edition 2) (feat. Leon Power) [Chapter 24]
Mosca – Peyote Stitch [Livity Sound]
Cowboy Rhyhmbox – Scream [Phantasy Sound]
Art Alfie – asmdrums
Satoshi Tomiie – Landscape (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) [Abstract Architecture]
Terr – Midnight [Hotflush Recordings]
Tv.Out – Lights Out [Parralax]
Florian Busse – Intro [Connected]
Francesca Lombardo – Side Fragole [Echolette]
DJ Pierre – Generate Power (Blondish Less Diva Remix) [Get Physical]
Unknown – 207 (Cassy Dub)
Fur Coat – Sustain [Oddity Records]
Midi – Evil – A Taste of Your Own Medicine [C-Level]
Richley & Rivera – Trashbox [Fine Audio Recordings]
DJ Skurge – Electrocuter Beatz [Underground Resistance]
DJ Dagwood – It’s on Y’all [International House Records]
Silent Breed – Chemicals [A.F.U.]
DJ Self – Drop the Beat [R2M]
B. Calloway – Jit Beat 2 (DJ 3000 Remix) [Electro Funk Records]
Cal – Verbittert Und Drehen [Audio Illusion Recordings]
A2Z – Apache Breakdown (Re-Edit) [Klub Kutz]
Craig Diamonds – Jungle Love [Jefferson Ave.]
Steffi – Mental Events [Ostgut Ton]
Victor Ruiz & Drunken Kong – Inside Out [Tronic]
Kaiserdisco & Karotte – Knoching Echoes [Tronic]
Christian Smith & Drunken Kong – Shiki [Tronic]
Christian Smith – Turn The Lights [Tronic]
Christian Smith & Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Neon Jungle [Tronic]
Demian Licht – Exclusive Live Session for B.Traits

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