Tom Ravenscroft 2020-02-28 Pulled By Magnets in session tracklist / playlist

Tom Ravenscroft 2020-02-28 Pulled By Magnets in session tracklist:
Wasted Shirt – Fist Is My Ward
The Buttertones – Jazzhound
Sarathy Korwar – Birthright
(feat. Zia Ahmed, Mirande & Swadesi)
Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical – La Tuctuructia
Holden & Zimpel – Saturday
L.A. Takedown – Top Down, Heat On
Haruna Ishola And His Apala Group – Orin To Mo Gbon Wa
Sofie – Truth Of The Matter
N0V3L – Violent & Paranoid
Douglas Dare – Red Arrows
John Carroll Kirby – By The Sea
Sega Bodega – Calvin
Dua Saleh – mOth
Nicola Cruz & Pigmalião – Marea
Pulled by Magnets – Nowhere Nothing
Pulled by Magnets – Those Among Us
Pulled by Magnets – Invite Them In
Psypiritual & The Lasso – Cesar Llavez
Knxwledge – Howtokope (Clean Version)
zeroh – BLQLYTE
Kutmah – Centenarians
Weird Weather – Tongue Drum PM
Jan St. Werner – VS Cancelled
(feat. Mark E. Smith)
Prince Josh – It’s All The Same
Natureboy Flako – Hada
Paula Tape – Panamericana
QRTR – You Won’t Return (Nunca)
Alex Banks – Revolutions (Jinjé Remix)
Hammer – Astra Techno
Matt Karmil – 210
Lorenzo BITW – Salto
(feat. Drumcello)
Kolida Babo – Exodus – Coby Sey Rework
Jacksonville – FON
Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!
Addison Groove – Brand New Drop
Ariel Zetina – Vanity 7
Hodge – Ghost of Akina (Rainbow Edition)

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