Tom Ravenscroft 2019-10-18 with Gawd Status and Black Marble tracklist / playlist

Tom Ravenscroft 2019-10-18 with Gawd Status and Black Marble tracklist:
Public Practice – Disposable
Rina Mushonga – Cassiopeia
Mount Kimbie & Andrea Balency – You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure)
Ssiege – Angelo Azzurro
Louis Moholo Octet – You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘cos You Think You Know Me
Bill Orcutt – Already Old
Arthur Russell – You Did It Yourself
The Comet Is Coming – The Softnest Of The Present
Jake Milliner – Perfect Time To Lie
Steve Lacy – Playground
Tall Black Guy – Coffee Room
Teebs – Black Dove
(feat. Sudan Archives)
santpoort – Wen uuu
Gawd Status – Messiah Hybrid
Nah Eeto – Mbona
Gawd Status – Amplified Science
(feat. Anyway Tha God)
Gantz – Garam
Zonal – System Error
(feat. Moor Mother)
WaqWaq Kingdom – Mum Tells Me
Mc Yallah x Debmaster – Sifa Leero
Scarlxrd – Gxld
Emptyset – Blade
James Massiah – 144,000
Roe Deers – Florida
Portion Control – Refugee
Gamma World – XXX
R. Stevie Moore – Conflict of Interest
Tiere der Nacht – Chutki
Smog – My Family
Tableau Noir – Sed Non Satiata
Monoton – Shortwave Transmission
Mofungo – Room on the Street
Los Iniciados – Soy El Vacío
Petwo Evans – Rash
JARV IS… – Must I Evolve? (Pilooski Remix)
Giant Swan – Pandaemonium
Otik – Blasphemy
Anastasia Kristensen – Maxima
Tout Casser – Presto Presto

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