The Young Turks on NTS Radio 2017-02-03

The Young Turks on NTS Radio 2017-02-03 tracklist:
Rare Silk – Storm
Innov Gnawa – La Ilaha Illa Allah
Mal Devisa – In My Neighborhood
Priests – Nothing Feels Natural
Dalis Car – Create And Melt
Half Waif – Frost Burn
Peder Mannerfelt – The Great Attractor
Ravi Shankar – I Am Missing You
Oumou Sangare – Iyo Djeli
Don’t Dj – Highbreeds
Doon Kanda – Axolotl
Minor Science – Naturally Spineless
Dedekind Cut – Descend From Now
Sampha – I Dream In Black And Blues
Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You
Georgia – Slow Dance
Prisoners Of Nymphaion – Chino Amobi
Rp Boo – B’ware
Lido Pimienta – Agua
Batu – Monolith
Simo Cell – Obi1
Kassem Mosse – Purple Graphene
Demdike Stare – Animal Style
Cosmin Trg – Broken Heart (Martyn’s Dcm Remix)
Nu – Birth – Anytime (Groove Chronicles Mix)
Lukid – The Brick Burner
Rhythmic Theory – Tales Of Dystopia