Stuart Maconies Freak Zone 2016-07-03 with Plaid

Stuart Maconies Freak Zone 2016-07-03 with Plaid tracklist:
Horslips – Dearg Doom [Horslips Records] Anton Barbeau – Black Lemon Sauce [You Are The Cosmos] Dean Blunt – The Narcissist (feat. Inga Copeland) (feat. Inga Copeland) [Hippos In Tanks] Bengt Berger – Bitter Funeral Beer [ECM Records] Hecatanth – Lunx [Self-Released] Bitchin Bajas & Olivia Wyatt – Poong Kang (School Of Fish) [Drag City] Nick Garrie – The Wanderer [Elefant Records] Plaid – Clock [Warp Records] Bengt Berger – Darafo / Funeral Dance (Dar Kpee) [ECM Records] Gentle Giant – An Inmate’s Lullaby [Alucard] Linda Catlin Smith – 10 [Another Timbre] tricot – 爆裂パニエさん』 [Bakuretsu Records] Magnet & Paul Giovanni – Chop Chop [Silva Screen] These Trails – Garden Botanum [Drag City] Jethro Tull – Songs From The Wood [Chrysalis] Bengt Berger – Tonsgi [ECM Records] Mbongwana Star – Shegue
Silver Apples – Water [Kapp Records] PLANK! – Dying For Pigs [Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings]