Soul Discovery Radio Show 18/6/17

Soul Discovery
Every Sunday 6.00pm – 8.00pm GMT
Sky Digital Channel 0129
DAB In London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich & Brighton

Tom Brock “ I Love you more and more” (20th Century) LP
Gwyn Fox “Never gonna leave” (Promo)
Robert Montgomery “Time of the day” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
Paul Tillman Smith “Out there in space” (Chump Change)
Mark IV “Give me just little” (Cordial Promo) 7’
William DeVaughn “Love come so easy with you” (TEC) LP
Bell-Telphunk “Love vibrations” (Kingman) 7’
Don Bryant “It was jealousy” (Fat Possum)
Otis Clay “I got problems” (Secret Stash) 7′
Melvin Brown “’Love stormy weather” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Holland/ Dozier “Why can’t we be lover’s” (Invictus) 7’
Leon Ware “Love will run away” (Fabulous) LP
Dwight Tribe feat: Mattew Hallsall “Feelin good” (Gondwana Promo) LP
Dar’rell Green “Free yourself” (Atm LLC)
Shirley Finney “You don’t have to cry no more” (Savoy) LP
Moody “One man’s happiness”(Soul Unlimited) 7′
Melvin Brown “Crying for your love” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Robert Montgomery “Take me high” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
Elliot McCalley feat: Victor Hayes & Tony Remy “Sunshine” (Promo EP)
Marva Whitney “This girl in love with you” (King) 7’
Cynthia Walker “It’s over now” (Avanti)
Cheryl Hunter “Make good love to me” (Chelar) 7’
Wal Richardson “Key to my heart” (Promo 12’)
Natural Impulse “We’re gonna make it” (Soul Junction)
E-Life “You the one”(Dele)
Willis Demo “Don’t waste my time” (4 Sight) LP

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