Soul Discovery

1/10/22 Playlist
Bridge “Crying for love” (FER)
Jennifer Holiday “Touch” (Shanachie)
Carmy Love “Together again” (Big AC Records)
Kim Tibbs “Where would I be without you” (Izipho Soul Records) LP
Jesse James “Who you sleeping with”(Gunsmoke Records Promo)
Harvey Scales “I’d be a fool (to fool around)” (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Jesse James “I’d be a fool”(Gunsmoke Records Promo)
Paul Mitchell Trio “Now I know what loneliness is” (T&L Production) 7’
The Dells “A little understanding” (Cadet) LP
Tomangoes ft Gambrells “Since you’ve been gone” (MD Records) 7’
Ted Taylor “Ready for a heartbreak” (Ronn Records) 7’
Joe Buckner & Major IV “I wish I knew’ (Kent Promo) 7’
Hal Frazier “I stand blue” (Kent Records Promo) 7’
Kim Tibbs “Your love” (Izipho Soul Records) LP
Tribute to Pharoah Sanders
“Harvest time” (India Navigation) LP
“Prince of Peace” featuring Leon Thomas (Stata-Est) LP
“Rejoice” (Theresa Records) LP
Alice Coltrane featuring Pharoah Sanders “Journey in Satchidananda”   (Impulse Records) LP
“Sun song” featuring: Leon Thomas  (Theresa Records) LP
“Love is everywhere” (Impulse Records) LP
“You got to have freedom”  (Theresa Records) LP
“As you are” featuring  Phyllis Hyman (Arista) LP
Norman Connors  featuring Pharoah Sanders  “The creator has a master plan” (Buddah Records) LP
“Love will find a way” (Arista) LP
“Love is here” featuring  Phyllis Hyman (Arista) LP