Soul Discovery 14/1/18 tracklist / playlist

Soul Discovery 14/1/18 tracklist:
Bobby Cutchins “I did it again” (BC)
Randy Roberts & Richard Burton “Stairway to heaven” (Quantize Recordings)
Brian Power feat:Ms Michelle John “ You win” (Promo)
Ken Knox & Company “You” (Colin Watson Mix)
California Flight Project “Do you feel my love” (Preservation) 7’
Bags “Hey girl” (It’s Soul Time) 7’
Herby Brown “More more broken heart” (IZIPHO) 7’
Reggie Boone “Do it” (Promo)
The Jonesetts “Once I had love” (Soul Junction) CD
The Nu-Rons “All my life” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Split Decision Band “You’re the one” (Now-Again) LP
Herby Brown “Grand Lerceny” (IZIPHO) 7’
Orgone “Big day” (Colemine Promo) 7’
Daniel March “Falling for you” (EP)
Jeremy Turgeon Quintet feat: “Cleverland P.Jones “Blessing” (Music In Motion Records)
Ray Harry “Close your eyes” (Lighthouse Music & Media)
Ki Kyham “Straight from me” (Omega)
Marion Meadows “Soul City” (Shanachie Promo)
Bell Telephunk “Sister moon” (Kinsman) 7’
Mother Braintree “Sailing” (Kinsman)7’
Ted Mills “In the rain” (TM)
Dalton Reed “Willing & able” (Bulleye Blues)
M. Russell “Wish you we here” (Live Promo)
Snatch Nelson “La da da” (Mardi Gras)
Al Johnson “Love waits for no man” (South Camp) 7’
Mestizo Beat “Sour grass” (Colemine Promo) 7’