Rob Booth + Luke Vibert – Solid Steel Show 2015-05-08

Rob Booth + Luke Vibert – Solid Steel Show 2015-05-08 tracklist:
Rob Booth
Call Super – Threshing Floor [HTH001]
Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Shakir Remix) [HTH012CD]
Akkord – Typeface / Greyscale (Vatican Shadow’s The World Is Complete) [HTH030]
Akkord – Folded Edge [HTH015]
Second Storey – Shaman Champagne (Aden Remix) [HTH024]
Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP) [HTH012CD]
Special Request – Lockjaw (Akkord Remix) [HTH016
Lana Del Rey – Ride (Special Request Remix) [HTH012CD]
Second Storey – Combustion Hallmark [HTH031]
Special Request – Lockjaw [HTH012]
Throwing Snow Feat. Adda Kaleh – Maera [HTH019]
Throwing Snow Feat. Russell Morgan – All The Lights [HTH019]
Special Request – Descent [HTH012]
Soft As Snow – Halo Heart (Lucy Remix) [HTH032]
Soft As Snow – Black Birds (Maria Minerva Rework) [HTH032]
Akkord – Gravure / Continuum (Regis Whip Hand Remix) [HTH035CD]
Call Super – Dewsbury Severance [HTH013]
Marquis Hawkes Feat. Stee Downes – The Way [HTH028]
Marquis Hawkes – Fat Man [HTH028]
Call Super – Sulu Sekou (7″ Version) [HTH027]
18+ – Drawl [HTH026]
Throwing Snow Feat. Jassy Grez – The Void [HTH019]
Luke Vibert
Grandmaster International – Dub Be Good To Message
Digital Rascal – Fix Up Humpty
Dizzee Club – Genius Look Sharp
George, Aretha & RPM – I Knew 2000
Ragga Houston – Juggling Baby
Ragga Jackson – Another Part Of Juggling
Bad Moments – Emanuelle Jackson
? “The Luther Abrams Ceiling”
Candy JETS – Evolution Crush
Drexcipan – Ghostbang
Pamela & LFO – Kickin’ Track
FSOL Lyce – Sex, Lies And Calcium
AFX Jackson – Rock With Joyrex
Beats Renegade – Dub Terrorist

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