Pressure Point – XLR8R Podcast #716 2021-10-05 tracklist / playlist

Pressure Point – XLR8R Podcast #716 2021-10-05 tracklist:
01. Norm Talley “Ataxia” (Leftroom)
02. Tom Ellis “Wrong Time” (Trimsound)
03. Matthias Reiling “Outpace” (Giegling)
04. Edward “Walk Free” (Giegling)
05. Omni A.M. “Space Horse” (Euphoria Records)
06. Fumiya Tanaka “Iikanji” (Sundance)
07. Zepp001 “Don’t Sleep” (Delusions Of Grandeur)
08. Thomas Melchior “Everyone’s A Winner” (Playhouse)
09. XDB “Frocks” (P.Scott mix) (Sistrum Recordings)
10. Youandewan “Loophole” (Small Hours)
11. J.Brent “In The Bedroom Department” (Vinyl Underground)
12. Cignol “Memory Minor” (Nocta Numerica Records)
13. Bobby Konders “Version” (Nu Groove Records)
14. Leaves “Alley 4″ (Iron Curtis Edit)” (Sounds Benefit)
15. Patrice Scott “Analog Dreams” (Sistrum Recordings)
16. Jovonn “Welcome Dance” (Dogmatik 1204)
17. D’marc Cantu “How Are You Doing” (M>O>S Recordings)

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