Pete Tong 2024-01-05 Maceo Plex Hot Mix tracklist

The maestro that is Maceo Plex showcases his latest productions in the Hot Mix. Find out who bags the first Essential New Tune of 2024 and there’s new music from the likes of Undercatt, Skepta, Kolter, Smokey Bubblin’ B & Alex Mills, Adam Port, Alex Wann, Ahadadream, Denis Horvat and more.
Pete Tong 2024-01-05 Maceo Plex Hot Mix tracklist:
Kölsch – I Talk To Water (feat. Perry Farrell) (Kompakt)
Zerb & Sofiya Nzau – Mwaki (TH3RD BRAIN RECORDS)
John Summit & Mathame – Hungover (feat. Camden Cox) (Darkroom Records)
Fred again.. & Baby Keem – leavemealone (Atlantic)
Smokey Bubblin’ B & Alex Mills – Overpowered (Armada)
Marlon Hoffstadt – It’s That Time (Kolter Remix) (Unreleased / Method 808)
Rossi. – U Won’t See Me (feat. Mystic Bill) (Three Six Zero)
Daft Punk – HBFS (Rafael Maccabi Edit) (Maccabi House)
Pete Tong & Jem Cooke & Jules Buckley – Heat Rising (CAMELPHAT Remix) (Ministry of Sound)
BUNT. & Nate Traveller – Peace In Silence (ARISTA RECORDS)
Undercatt – We Are Your Friends (COMA)
Jamek Ortega & juno – Let It Go (MOBLACK)
Moeaike – Mala Fama (MoBlack Records)
Dua Lipa – Houdini (Adam Port Mix) (Warner Records)
AndFriends & Samuel Cosmic – Halele (Alex Wann Remix) (feat. Oluwadamvic) (Hidden Hands)
Bush B4 Me – Say It Right (Go Deeva Records)
WhoMadeWho – Children (Mind Against & Dyzen Remix) (The Moment)
Tommy Genesis – Angelina (Ahadadream Remix) (Ultra Records)
Chris Avantgarde – Perception (Afterlife)
Skepta & J Kolo – Fiesta No Siesta (Más Tiempo)
Calibre – Sump Dub (COD3 QR)
Terr – Only For Tonight (Denis Horvat Remix) (Phantasy)
ReiRei – Juneteenth (MoBlack Records)
Maceo Plex – Wervik (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex & Cubicolor – You Don’t Have To Wait (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Revision (feat. Gio Santi) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex & Tyler Hill – Nasty (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – You’re My Desire (feat. Mystic Bill) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Hooligan Plex (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex & Avnu – Serpent Jazz (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Get Out Of Here (feat. Perry Farrell) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Go Back (feat. Desire) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Moon Sky (feat. Ishi) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – All Night (feat. Oscar and the Wolf) (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Stop That (LONE ROMANTIC)
Maceo Plex – Just You And I (Lone Romantic)
Maceo Plex – Shine On & On (Orbital Tribute) (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw) (Lone Romantic)