Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service 2017-07-09 Sparks sit in tracklist / playlist

Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service 2017-07-09 Sparks sit in tracklist:
Beastie Boys – Girls
Joey Ramone – Maria Bartiromo
Cassius Clay – I Am The Greatest
Bob Dorough – Baltimore Oriole
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died [Island] Kigurumi and Koji Ueno – Tarako Tarako Tarako
Cast of West Side Story – Cool
The Beach Boys – All Dressed Up for School
Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home
Miles Davis – Agharta (Prelude Part 1)
The Music Machine – Talk Talk
George and Ira Gershwin – I Love To Rhyme
Shoukichi Kina – Haisai Ojisan
Love – Alone Again Or
Osvaldo Golijov & Dawn Upshaw – Tancas Serradas A Muru
Unknown – Mr Clean Advert
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Tsukema Tsukeru
Isabelle Adjani – D’Un Taxiphone
The Singers Unlimited – London By Night
B. Bumble & The Stingers – Bumble Boogie
Dave Brubeck – Unsquare Dance
Andy Warhol – Ah Yes Uh No
Little Richard – Heeby-Jeebies
Barbara – La Jaconde
Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint
Ritchie Valens – Come On Let’s Go
Michael Daugherty – Desi
The Beach Boys – My Only Sunshine
Unknown – Don’t Cross In The Middle Of The Street
Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy [CHARLY] The Cast of West Side Story – America

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