Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service 2017-05-21 tracklist / playlist

Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service 2017-05-21 tracklist:
Dominik Hauser – The Illustrated Man
The Rolling Stones – Heaven
Nick Cave – Rings Of Saturn [Bad Seed Ltd] Bill Withers – Use Me [CBS] Tubeway Army – Jo The Waiter
Midfield General – Seed Distribution (feat. Noel Fielding)
Meco – The Empire Strikes Back
Pierre Henry – Messe de Liverpool_ VI. Communion
The Liverpool Scene – The Entry Of Christ Into Liverpool
The Lyman Family – James Alley Blues
Annette Peacock – Dreams
Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream
Iko Chérie – Le Jardin Des Plantes
Martin Carthy – January Man
Martin Carthy – Hommage à Roche Proulx
Joni Mitchell – Amelia
Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right
Julee Cruise – Into The Night
Fats Waller – Lenox Avenue Blues
Pavo Pavo – Annie Hall
ESG – You’re No Good
The Stranglers – Skin Deep [EMI] Coil – Tattooed Man