Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2019-09-21 Chrissie Hynde Words and Music tracklist / playlist

Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2019-09-21 Chrissie Hynde Words and Music tracklist:
Sun Ra Arkestra – Children Of The Sun
Pyjaen – Nah
LunchMoney – Unlimited Ice Cream Palace
Evan Marion – Took It Too Far
Ego Ella May – How Far
Gang Starr – DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
The Four M Company – Live To Be Someone
Inflo – No Fear
Joe Armon-Jones – Self-Love
(feat. Obongjayer)
BRAHJA – In The Mess
Mark E – Rotary Connection Memory Band (GP Re-Edit)
Romare – Gone
The Marvelettes – Here I Am Baby
Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin’
Gang Starr – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?
Ashley Henry – Battle
(feat. Binker Golding & Moses Boyd)
D Double E & Watch The Ride – Original Format
(feat. DJ Die, Dismantle & DieMantle)
Danny Brown – Dirty Laundry
Mac & Party – Zandale
Vanessa Wagner – Struggle for Pleasure
Brad Mehldau – Striving After Wind
Kiefer – 43952
Zeb Samuels – Lost In My Dreams
SAUL – No Fuss, No Fight
(feat. Brother Portrait)
Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel – Fig. 1
Lucas Santtana – Brasil Patriota
Sessa – Infinitamente Nu
Jamael Dean – Eledumare
Salami Rose Jose Louis – Love The Sun
Salami Rose Jose Louis – Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)
Cheflee – Mornin’ Person
Salami Rose Joe Louis – Earth Creature
Shuggie Otis – Things We Like to Do
Gang Starr – Family and Loyalty
(feat. J. Cole)
Tamera – Romeo
Yelfris Valdes – Aceleyo Aña
Daymé Arocena – Para el Amor: Cantar!
SAULT – Why Why Why Why Why
Churashima Navigator – Hanaumui (Psychedelic Nice Age Mix)
Noah – ?????
WaqWaq Kingdom – Mum Tells Me
Ohnesty – Vortex
Akira Kosemura – Romance
Akiko & Masaki Hayashi – Music Elevation
Illion – Yojiro Noda
Makoto – Tokyo ’96
(feat. S.P.Y)

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