Friction Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-07-13 Optiv & BTK in the mix + DNB60 from Ram Records

Friction Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-07-13 Optiv & BTK in the mix + DNB60 from Ram Records tracklist:
David Zowie – House Every Weekend
Document One – I Got A Fever [Technique] Rene La Vice – Hotblooded [Ram] Delta Heavy – Tremors [Ram] Grades – King (Culture Shock remix)
Tantrum Desire – Shadows [Technique] Jaydan – This Could Be [Smoking Riddims] Jamie Lidell – Believe In Me
Marcus Intalex – Omega [SoulR] Kove – Hurts (feat. Moko) [MTA] Makoto – Jupiter (feat. Robert Manos)
Sinead Harnett – She Ain’t Me (Negus Remix) [Cosmic Bridge] Dead Mans Chest – Liquid 94 [Ingredients] Mindscape – Ruthless [Virus Recordings] Optiv – Dark Ryder [Virus Recordings] Optiv & BTK – Inside Out [Virus Recordings] Optiv – Reckless [Blackout] Optiv & BTK – Dark City (feat. Yves Paquet) [Blackout] Optiv – Dive Bomb [Virus Recordings] Gridlok – Scamp [Virus Recordings] Zero Method – Bitter Pill [Red Light] Optiv – Heads Above [Virus Recordings] Nymfo – Untitled [Renegade Hardware] Gridlok – Cold World [Virus Recordings] Optiv – Let It Loose (Emperor Remix) [Dutty Audio] Optiv – Get Dark (Signs Remix) [Virus Recordings] Jubei – Congo
Nymfo – Don’t Stop [HARDWARE] The Clamps – Nerves [Trendkill Records] InsideInfo – Pulsation [Viper] Pennygiles – Know A Lie [Integral] Technimatic – Remember You [Shogun Audio] June Miller – Robots & Romans [RAM] Rido – Optimum Trajectory [Blackout] June Miller – Chain Of Strength [Ram Records] Audio – Foodchain [Ram] Ember – Colossus
June Miller – Bad Brains
Noisia – Clusterfunk [VISION RECORDINGS] Disprove – Frqncs
June Miller – Saus [RAM Records] Delta Heavy – Reborn (June Miller Remix)
Mind Vortex – Bigger Than That (feat. Evil B) [Ram] DC Breaks – Gambino
Tantrum Desire – Pump [Technique] June Miller – From Autumn To Ashes [RAM] June Miller – Last Night On Earth
Break – Top Shooter
Hypoxia – Psychosis
Break – Simpler Times [Symmetry] Calyx & TeeBee – Long Gone [Ram] June Miller – Reach Out feat. MVE (feat. MVE)
The Upbeats – Paranormal Roller
June Miller – Misfits
Noisia – Incessant [Vision Recordings] Joe Ford – Snare
Phace – Flaky [Neosignal Recordings] Hypoxia – Profanity
Mefjus – Suicide Bassline [Critical] Noisia – Stamp Out [Vision] Black Sun Empire – Until The World Ends [Blackout Music NL] The Prodigy – Nasty Nasty (Spor remix) [Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking] Mefjus – Surrounded
Icicle – Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) [Shogun Audio] Spor – Full Colour [Sotto Voce] Disprove – Call The Shots
June Miller – Slow Down
June Miller – Stormtrooper (feat. Virus Syndicate)
Proxima – Closely
June Miller – Brace
L33 – Untitled
Icicle – Dreadnaught [Shogun Audio] Joe Ford – Crossbreed
Noisia – Banshee [Vision] Icicle – Isolation
Halogenix – All Blue (feat. Cleveland Watkiss)
June Miller – Further Seems Forever