Ela Minus – Residency 2021-09-17 tracklist / playlist

Ela Minus – Residency 2021-09-17 tracklist:
Lorenzo Senni – Canone Infinito
Antenna – Slavic
Betonkust – World Of Pain
Machine Woman – Camile from OHM Makes Me Feel Loved
Ela Minus – Megapunk (Machine Woman Decontructed Club Remix)
Ela Minus – Let Them Have The Internet
DJ Python & Ela Minus – kissu
Lucrecia Dalt – Unreleased
Nick León – Bachetron
Meridian Brothers – Puya Del Empresario
Austra – I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
Agar Agar – Nap
For Those I Love – You Stayed / To Live (Ela Minus Remix)
Leuk en Ko – Niemand Is Perfect

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