Dorian Electra – Diplo & Friends 2020-11-07 tracklist / playlist

Dorian Electra – Diplo & Friends 2020-11-07 tracklist:
Dorian Electra – My Agenda Intro
Dorian Electra – Barbie Boy
(feat. Sega Bodega)
Sega Bodega – Raising Hell
100 gecs – toothless
Angelus – Double Tap
(feat. Popstarbills, Blackwinterwells, Kid Trash & Alice Gas)
Arca & Shygirl – Watch
Dorian Electra – instruments of torture
Rina Sawayama – Take Me As I Am
Dorian Electra – Gentleman
Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise (Klutch Dubstep Remix)
d0llywood1 – ithinkimdoingbetter
The Garden – Hit Eject
Lewis Grant – Big Break
Dorian Electra – F The World
Shygirl – SLIME
Dorian Electra – Edgelord
(feat. Rebecca Black)
Amnesia Scanner – AS Going
(feat. LYZZA)
Rico Nasty – Iphone (Ookay Remix)
That Kid – Taco Bell (Count Baldor Remix)
Ashnikko – Halloweenie III Seven Days
Jarina De Marco – Illegales
(feat. Dylan Brady)
Dorian Electra – Ram it Down
(feat. Moodkiller, Lil Mariko & Lil Texas)
That Kid – Look At Me
Dorian Electra – Sorry Bro (F’d Remix)
Dorian Electra – Give Great Thanks (Count Baldor Edit)
Dorian Electra – My Agenda
(feat. Pussy Riot & Village People)
Lil Mariko – Shiny
(feat. Full Tac)
Aaron Cartier – King Tap
Zebra Katz – ISH
A. G. Cook – XXoplex
Dorian Electra – Monk Mode
S3RL – Predictable Rave Song
(feat. Tamika)
Tony Velour – EURO PLUG
(feat. Dylan Brady)
Slayyyter – Self Destruct
Danny Brown – Aint It Funny
100 gecs – gec 2 Ü (remix)
(feat. Dorian Electra)
P4rkr – bad idea
Sega Bodega & Dorian Electra – Teenage Dirtbag (cover)
Dorian Electra – Iron First
(feat. Faris Badwan)
Dorian Electra – M’lady
Midwxst – Cycle
Fraxiom – cishets (i don’t want it at all)
Rebecca Black – Friday
Dorian Electra – Musical Genius (Spen$er Snow Creamix)

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