DJ Shadow 2020-01-01 tracklist / playlist

DJ Shadow 2020-01-01 tracklist:
Attica Blues – Tender (Organized Konfusion Remix)
MaD DoLL – Walk On By (Dun Steppin’ Mix)
Hustlers H.C. – Big Trouble In Little Asia (Flute Flavoured Jazzamental)
808 & Dave Porter – Mad Woman
Pleasure – Don’t Take The Night Away
(feat. Billy Elder)
Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Thank Heavens I’ve Got You
A.S.A.P. – Close Your Eyes
Don “Sugarcane” Harris – So Alone
War – Four Cornered Room
Cevin Fisher – A House For Wendy
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Shallow Impressions
The Electric Prunes – I
Granicus – Twilight
Patsy Benson – East Coast To The West
Peter Thomas – Strato-Strings
Arvid Smith – Orcas
Sammy Cropper & His Wire Connections – Meko A Enko
The Thundertones – Shadows
Toe Head – Goodnight Jackie
Billy Van Four – The Last Sunrise
The Cake – Baby That’s Me
Julee Cruise – Mysteries Of Love
Ness Harding – Parting Of Man
Express Rising – Memorabilia
Kit Watkins – Silences
Eugen Thomass – Art Asia
IDF – Departure
Pornosect – Invocation Of Power
Liaison – Life
Cullen Knight – A’keem (Brothers)
Jeremy Storch – Smooth Southern Born Lady
Somewhere A Voice – Face On A Wall
This Mortal Coil – Fond Affections
Zero Deals – Lonely
Taki – Time To Take Possession
Thrupence – Conversations
(feat. Edward Vanzet)