B.Traits 2018-04-21 Shlomi Aber, Dynamic Tension & Courtesy tracklist / playlist

B.Traits 2018-04-21 Shlomi Aber, Dynamic Tension & Courtesy tracklist:
Basement Jaxx – Good Luck (Butch Dub) [Rekids]
Actress – Watercolour Challenge [Monkeytown Records]
Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli – Neverending Now (Dubspeeka Remix) [Exploited]
Gaz Coombes – The Oaks (Leftfield Remix) [Caroline International]
Frits Wentick & DJ Boring – Oli Conny [Bobby Donny]
Grad_U – Observing the Night Sky [UNKNOWN]
Rune Bagge – Guacamole Queen [Ectotherm]
Alias – NRG [Drumcode]
Kaiser – Esplosione Di Colori (Johannes Volk Remix) [UNKNOWN]
Camea – Naf 97 (Markus Suckut Remix) [Neverwhere]
Yant – No One [Blackaxon]
Amelie Lens – Render (Regal Remix) [Involve]
Ryan James Ford – Crosscut [SHUT]
Generic Face – Import [count 0]
Central – No9 [Nord Records]
Asmus Odsat – Ecstatic Half Truth [UNKNOWN]
Solid Blake – Masha [Monkeytown Records]
B From E – Venga Tribute [Copenhagen Underground Posse]
Popmix – YOYOYO [Twin Cities]
Solid Blakes – Mario (DJ Stingray Remix) [Outer Zone]
XY0815 & Int Main – Untitled [Brokntoys]
Surgeon – Patience Pt. 1 [Dynamic Tension]
Surgeon – Sleep (Ultra Violet) [Dynamic Tension]
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break [Dynamic Tension]
Surgeon – Presence [Dynamic Tension]
Surgeon – Courage To Face Up To [Dynamic Tension]
Shlomi Aber – Interior [Be As One]
Shlomi Aber – Echo Mission [Be As One]
Jon Hester – Telegraphic [Les Enfants Terribles]
Lathe – Fog [UNKNOWN]
Acronym – Nautilus [Northern Electronics]
Reeko – Ironic Death [Falling Ethics]
Cleric – Concrete [Infrastructure New York]
Shlomi Aber – Blackout [Be As One]
Adriana Lopez – En Ningun Lugar [Modularz]
Dax J – Zulu Nation [Monnom Black]
Lathe – Turin By Val [Be As One]
Cirkle – The Tower [Float Records]
Shlomi Aber – Whistler [Be As One]

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