B.Traits 2017-10-14 Anja Schneider, Charlotte de Witte and Sodai tracklist / playlist

B.Traits 2017-10-14 Anja Schneider, Charlotte de Witte and Sodai tracklist:
Nuno Dos Santos – Prosa (FarOut Radio Systems Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere] KiNK – Throwing Elbows [Dame Music] Dona – You Better Not Take The Metro [Illian Tape] Joe – Tail Lift [Hessle Audio] Benedict – Mnemonic [On Loop] Sebo K – Restless (Darkness Mix) [Scenario] Helena Hauff – Gift [Ninja Tune] Daphni – Tin [Jiaolong] Roberto – Chord Recall [Solar Phenomena Records] DJ Spider – Mobius Strip Revisted [Revisited] Natural Flow & Roman Ponce – Agatha [Oddity] Reus – Acid Modo [Klockworks] Audiojack – Rendezvous [Suara] ID – ID [Unreleased] PVNV – Save [Taapion Records] A. Mochi – Hammer [Sleaze Records] Charlotte De Witte – Nothing [Mary Go Wild Black] Edit Select – Flux [Soma Records] High Position – Cops [Klockworks] 747 – Cambrian [Aquaregia] Bjarki – This 5321 [Trip] London Modular Alliance – False Prophecy [Dimensions Recordings] Gardens of God – Ghost [SODAI] Alex Krell – Optyx [Sodai] Raxon – Jungle Express [Sodai] Talassa Barda – Wolf [Sodai] Gardens of God – Whistler [Sodai] Leif Müller – Holidays Everywhere [Mule Musiq] Anja Schneider – All I See [Sous Music] Timo Maas & Aidan Lavelle – Body Language [My Favorite Robot] Jonathan Kaspar – Mellow [Pets Recordings] Fort Romeau – EMU III (Birdy Bonus Beat) [Running Back] Yotam Avni – Yamzo [Hotflush] Neil Flynn – Shon [Lossless] David Mayer & Drained – Drained (feat. Sooma) [Connected Frontline] Phil Kieran – Last Train To Drums [PKR] Leif Muller – Teleshop [Unreleased] Factory Floor – Dial Me In (Club Mix) [DFA Records] The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me [Memento]

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