B.Traits 2017-04-22 25 Years of Soma, Pangaea and Julia Govor playlist

B.Traits 2017-04-22 25 Years of Soma, Pangaea and Julia Govor tracklist:
Roman Flügel – Mice On A Stick [Dekmantel]
Kiani & His Legion – Eindelozer [Something Happening Somewhere]
Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Rekids]
Fatima Yamaha – Araya [Dekmantel]
Vimes – Hopeful (Man Power Remix) [Needwant]
Levon Vincent – UK Spring Vibes [Dekmantel]
Phil Kieran – Last Train To Drums [Phil Kieran Recordings]
Dave Clarke – Side The Wolf (Marcel Fengler Remix) [SKINT]
Ellen Allien – Stormy Memories [Bpitch Control]
Tiga vs. Audion – Stabbed In The Back [Turbo Records]
Tom Dicicco – A Prayer For Jupiter [Delsin]
Anna & Marc Houle – Far Beyond (Marc Houle Remix) [Rukus]
Redshape – Shift [Present]
Laurent Garnier – Doctors C’est Chouette [KOMPAKT]
Julia Govor – Drama C [Akkult003]
Parallel 9 – Human [Music Man Records]
Luigi Tozzi – Ambrosia [OUTIS008]
Exos – Cold Aeriels [AE Recordings]
Adiel – Anatomia Del Cavallo [Danza Tribale]
DJ Spider – Urantia Of Nebadon [Green Village]
Kamran Sadeghi – Never For Ever [Unreleased]
Woo York – Wogen (Abstract Division Remix) [Dynamic Reflection]
Birth of Frequency – The Woman By My Side [Children Of Tomorrow]
Julia Govor & TMZ aka Tripmastaz – Equal Tree [Second State]
Equus – Lava Flow [Soma]
Daft Punk – Alive [Soma]
Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (SHDW & Obscur Shape Remix) [Soma]
Rebekah – I Died A Thousand Times [Soma]
Tensal – Proton 3 [Soma]
Actress – Blue Window [Ninja Tune]
Thee J. Johanz – Bafrique [BALL]
Mental Overdrive – Totem [PLOINK]
Shlomo – The Quest
Kowton – Pea Soup [Livity Sound]
Red Pig Power – Space Jazz (Dub) [Sound Of Vast]
Stefan Ringer – to the bone [Argot]
Stenny – Consumers Tool [Ilian Tape]
Nomad – Devotion (Pangaea’s Edt) [WHITE]
Hunter/Game – Dead Soul [Just This]
R-Zone – Midwinter [R-Zone]
Transparent Sound – No Call From New York (Acid Mix) [Electrix Recordings]
Planetary Assault Systems – Twelve (Psyk Rework) [Mote Evolver]
Blue Hour – Falling Lines (Pangaea Remix) [Blue Hour]

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