B.Traits 2016-04-23 with Marcel Dettmann, Dekmantel and Hodge

B.Traits 2016-04-23 with Marcel Dettmann, Dekmantel and Hodge tracklist:
Dark Sky – Rainkist (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Monkeytown]
Prince – The Future (SCB Edit) [White]
Kiani & His Legion – Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere]
Kingpin Cartel – Ghetto [Beard Man]
Rhythm Masters & Bobby Blanco – Serious Fun [White]
Malbretrieb – Meun [White]
The Butcha – Acid In The 1st Degree [Play It Say It]
Lonja – Somnolenz (Citizenn Remix) [TOK]
Subb-an – Music On My Mind [Cocoon]
Ashworth – Launch [made of CONCRETE]
Ellen Allien – Off [BPitch Control]
Jay Clarke – Mirage [Klockworks]
Philipp Gorbachev – The Weeping Tune (Barnt Mixedit) [PG Tune]
Orlando Voorn – In Da Jungle (Chocolate Puma Gazzy Cut) [Big & Dirty]
Alan Fitzpatrick – 1992 (Boxia VIP) [Fabric]
MMM – Nous Sommes [MMM]
Mike Dunn – Dance You Mutha (Ju Edit) [White]
Hodge – Mind Games [Hotline Recordings]
Randomer – Bring [Hemlock]
Wink – Are You There (Ben Klock Remix) [Ovum]
Source Direct – Black Rose (Blawan Remix) [Nonplus]
Outlander – Vamp [R&S]
Mickey Pearce – Instructions (Reuben Remix) [81]
Ry – Deliverance (Fort Romeau Remix) [Infectious Music]
Juju & Jordash – Deep Blue Meaning [Dekmantel]
Palms Trax – Sumo Acid Crew [Dekmantel]
Robert Hood – Lockers [Dekmantel]
Soul Central – Tube Life [Dekmantel]
Occult Orientated Crime – Just A Clown on Crack [Dekmantel]
Wrong Copy – Tentlover [MDR]
Museum – Pole [MDR]
Demian Licht – Indomitus [Motus]
D-IX – T18 [White]
Ansome – Blackwater [Perc Trax]
FBK – Workers and Jobbers [MDR]
Tom Dicicco – A Prayer For Jupiter [Delsin]
Ryan James Ford – Alon Strak [MDR]
Tessela – With Patsy [Poly Kicks]
Sebastian Kramer – The Night [MDR]
Amelie Lens – Exhale [Lyase]
Wrong Copy – Sensen [White]
Ryan James Ford – Faith Servet [White]

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