B.Traits 2016-02-27 with Italojohnson, Citizenn and Love Fever

B.Traits 2016-02-27 with Italojohnson, Citizenn and Love Fever tracklist:
Agents of Time – Magma [Ellum] Phillip Lauer – Ward [Permanent Vacation] Felix Dickinson – Mistaken Identity [Let’s Play House] Rolling Ones – Slammed Cadillac [Division Point Industries] Recondite – Phalanx [Hotflush] Midland – Outpost [Forthcoming] Serge Devant – Always On My Mind (Kornel Kovacs Remix) [Crosstown Rebels] Howling – Signs (Rodhad remix) [Monkeytown] Tiga – Planet E (Danny Daze Remix) [White] Audion – Mouth To Mouth (Dense & Pika Remix) [Dynamic Tension] Surgeon – EGS-zs8-1 [Dynamic Tension] PTU – Between Us [White] A Sagittariun – The Naming of the Names [Elastic Dreams] 2000 & One – Kawasaki [100% Pure] Abstraxion – Resonance (Matrixxman Remix) [Biologic] ItaloJohnson – ITJ08 [B2] ItaloJohnson – ITJ02 [B1] ItaloJohnson – ITJ09 [B1] ItaloJohnson – ITJ05 [B1] ItaloJohnson – ITJ08 [B1] ItaloJohnson – ITJ10 [B1] ItaloJohnson – ITJ03 [B2] ItaloJohnson – ITJ04 [B2] ItaloJohnson – ITJ01 [B2] Kenton Slash Demon – Dok [Forthcoming Future Classic] Bicep – Stripper [Tresor] Citizenn – Room Service [Love Fever] Adesse Versions – Pressured [Make Love In Public Spaces] Son of Sun – Whispers (Soul Clap Remix) [Love Fever] Reme Mazat – Paris Is Burning (Man Power Mix) [White] Sergie Rezza – Misterious Dub [Desire] Backback – 20/20 Vision [White] Enzo Siragusa – Solo [Fuse London] Chrissy – Loudness Wars [Freerange] Kerb Staller – Safety Instructions (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Leftroom] White Square – Something 2 Say (Citzenn Remix) [White] Bambook – Tow The Line (Camea Remix) (feat. Name One) [Jeudi] Lewis Boardman – Something Going On [White] Unknown – Unknown [Unknown] Citizenn – Confide [White] Dubspeeka – She Loves (Glimpse Remix) [Skeleton] Stekke – Stepping Out [Olga] Raudive – Windows [Thema]