B.Traits 2015-08-08 with Shanti Celeste and Ultramajic

B.Traits 2015-08-08 with Shanti Celeste and Ultramajic tracklist:
Midland – Stop, Don’t Let The Beat [Unknown]
Max Ulis & Sergio Levels – TJ [Unknown]
Jel Ford – Red Mist [DRUMCODE]
Radio Slave – Don’t Stop Don’t Stop [NONPLUS]
Tallmen 785 – Ride Out [Rhythm Nation]
Randomer – Angry Fiddle [Clone Basement]
Youandewan – #1 [Turbo]
A1 Bassline – Bik Lodge [Unknown]
Huxley – Vox [Unknown]
Akase – Rust (Midland Remix) [K7 Records]
Locked Groove – Eleven [Minimalizm Records]
Kahuun – Plenty Headroom [Unknown]
Atom™ – Riding The Void [Raster Norton]
Kryss Hypnowave – Anaerobi [Unknown]
South London Ordnance – Body Actualised (feat. Femme En Fourrure) [Aery Metals]
Tite – Breakdance [Unknown]
Deadbeat – Berghain Drum Jack [Visionquest]
October – Too High The Future [BRSTL]
Leif – Life Through Analogies [IDLE HANDS]
Jay L – Try Slung [BRSTL]
Shanti Celeste – On My Own [IDLE HANDS]
Mr Beatnick – Stutter [DON’T BE AFRAID]
Zennor – Never In Doubt [THE TRILOGY TAPES]
Creta Kano – Skyway Motel [HAPPY SKULL]
Fx Mchn – Dunn (Roman Flügel Remix) [TRANSIT]
Kornél Kovács – Pantalón [Numbers]
Matrixxman – Simulation (Creepy Autograph) [Ultramajic]
Jimmy Edgar – Tik Tok [Ultramajic]
Truncate – Submission (Truncate Rework) [Ultramajic]
Lando – Stunts [Ultramajic]
Jimmy Edgar – Let Me Tell You [Ultramajic]
Danny Daze – Ready2go [Ultramajic]
Aden – Bump [Ultramajic]
Jimmy Edgar – Two Of Wands [Ultramajic]
Chambray – Untitled [Ultramajic]
Axel Boman – Nokturn (Grand Finale) [PAMPA]
Paul Woolford – Erotic Disorder (Dense & Pika Remix) [2020 Vision]
Bicep – Just [AUS]
Tom Budden – Shouldn’t Be Here [ALiVE070]
Huxley – I Want You (Deetron Remix) [AUS]
Jamie xx – Loud Places (Special Request Remix) [Young Turks]
Dense & Pika – Tex [DRUMCODE]
Dominica – Gotta Let You Go (Bicep Edit) [Outland Records]
Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (B.Traits Edit) [Unknown]
Barnt – Chapell [Hinge Finger]
Timo Maas – Thingzz [Unknown]
Tame Impala – Let It Happen [Fiction]

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