The Maghreban – XLR8R Podcast #740 2022-03-22 tracklist / playlist

The Maghreban – XLR8R Podcast #740 2022-03-22 tracklist:
01. MMM “Everything Falls Into Place” (MMM)
02. Griffit Vigo “The Underdog” (Maloca)
03. Patrick Conway “Lorentz Factor” (ESP Institute)
04. Simo Cell “El Gato Loco” (Livity Sound)
05. Nikki Nair “The Person or Persons” (Breaks ‘N’ Pieces)
06. Drax “The Silent Meadow” (Trope)
07. VIC-20 “Adventures in Anti Realism A1” (Word Music)
08. Mat Carter “Venting Steam” (Firewire)
09. The Kosmik Kommando “Quondam” (Rephlex)
10. The Hypnotist “Untitled” (Live in Berlin) (Rising High Records)
11. Al Wootton “Doxa” (TRULE)
12. Tim Taylor & Freddie Fresh “The Penguin” (Missile)
13. Troy Gunner “Swede Get Spun” (Only Ruins)
14. Bruce “Just Getting On With It” (Livity Sound)
15. Geo Rip “Tooni” (The Trilogy Tapes)
16. Hooverian Blur “Old Gold” (Monopolypella Mix) (Sneaker Social Club)
17. Beverley Hills 808303 “The American Lie A2” (Reference Analogue Audio)
18. Beverley Hills 808303 “Dinner at Barney’s” (Reference Analogue Audio)
19. Radioactive Man “Trespasser” (R.G.C. Records)
20. Dubversive “Theme From Dubversive” (Copasetic Records)
21. G 104 “Looking into Brighter Future” (Gravitation Off Mix) (Force Inc. Music Works)
22. Wild West “Citric” (Plink Plonk)
23. Sysex “Big Bang” (Plus 8 Records)
24. Transits of Tone “Molecular Structure” (Intelligence Records)