The Blessed Madonna 2022-01-29 Sweatbox: Ariel Zetina tracklist / playlist

The Blessed Madonna 2022-01-29 Sweatbox: Ariel Zetina tracklist:
Macy Rodman – Let’s Go
Kane West – Baby How Could We Be Wrong
Blood Williams – Does It Matter (Ariel Zetina Remix)
TVSI – Nobody
NÍDIA – House Musik Dedo
Jaymie Silk – Crazy World
Emily Montes – Emily’s So Crazy Love Her
Prist – Gel
Emily Montes – Untitled 2
Finn – Knock Knock
Chits – Looking So Good
Girl Unit – Club Rez RIZZLA’s “Club Cecile” Bootleg
Raven – Design Feelings (Cypher & Break Fast Bootleg)
Tiga – Bugatti (Life Sim Remix)
Traxxx Romay – Sapphire Sweat (Insrumental)
GFOTY – Dating Call
Miami Bass Warriors – Breakfire Backbeats
Made in Heights – Ghosts
Holly Waxwing – Peach Winks (So So In Luv Remix)
GRRL – Go Up
Laurie Anderson – O Superman
Ana Roxanne – I’m Every Sparkly Woman
Odete – Be Flawless
Visionist – I’m Fine
Cowgirl Clue – Teacup
Ducky – Hack the Club (feat. Snappy Jit)
El-A-Kru – Lethal Batty
Square One – Roller Coaster