Stuart Maconies Freak Zone 2017-01-22 with Lula Pena

Stuart Maconies Freak Zone 2017-01-22 with Lula Pena tracklist:
Diane & The Javelins – Heart And Soul [RPM Records] Aquaserge – Tour Du Monde [Almost Musique / Crammed Discs] Jim O’Rourke – Last Year [Drag City] Tangerine Dream – Movements of a Visionary [Virgin] Christine Tobin – Promises [Trail Belle] Long Chris – Nevralgie Particuliere [Philips] Tangerine Dream – Phaedra [Virgin] Lula Pena – Pasadelo Da Historia [Crammed Discs] Pierce Turner – Tantum Ergo [Punctual Records] Noveller – Deep Shelter [Fire Records] Laurence Crane & asamisimasa – Events I. Various People Celebrating Their Birthday On 7 February 1997 [Hubro] Diamanda Galás – Let My People Go [Mute Records] Chris Cundy – Sweet Tobacco [FMR Records] Belbury Poly – Hey Now Here He Comes [Ghost Box] Tangerine Dream – Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmaresare [Virgin] Euros Childs – Basged o Clustiau
Chivo Funge & The Extensions – Mirror On The Wall [Devarecords] Elektro Guzzi – Element (Bone Version) [Denovali Records]

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