Steffi – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2014-11-08

Steffi – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2014-11-08 tracklist:
Marcel Dettmann – Stranger [Ostgut Ton] Sonar Base – Isonar Bass #10 [Intense Music] Kassem Mosse – Demo Drums Ripping [Kinda Soul Recordings] Monolake – Ice [Imbalance Computer Music] Answer Code Request – Thermal Capacity [Ostgut Ton] B12 – Telefone 529 [Warp] RAC – Quexos [Warp] Severn Beach – We Continue [Audio Culture] Stingray 313 – Armchair Psychiatrist [Naked Lunch] Sowing Paranoia – Active Galactic [Transhuman] DXR – Fader Pushing Sunday [Klakson] Unknown – NYC2 [White Label] Octave One – Nicolette [430 West Records] Random Noise Generation – Random Funk [430 West Records] Hakim Murphy – 1st Onicho [Synapsis Records] Seven Davis Jr. – P.A.R.T.Y. [Apron Records] Jedi Knights – May The Funk Be With You [Evolution] Le Car – Flame Job [Ersatz Audio] Japanese Telecom – Beta Capsule [International Deejay Gigolo Records] Dexter – Rosser [Dolly] Steffi – JB25 [Ostgut Ton] Partisan Midi – Titl [Clone Records] Mika Vainio – Spiraalit [Sähkö Recordings] Mathew Jonson – Behind The Mirror [Sub Static] Stingray 313 – NKKK4_2 [Naked Lunch] Lightman – Dawn Flyer [Raygun Records] Steven Tang – Optimal Signals [Syncrophone] Heiko Laux – Souldancer [Kurbel] Boards of Canada – Semena Mertvykh [Warp] Gigi Masin – Little Faith [Music From Memory]

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