Soul Discovery Show 6.11.16

The Holden Brothers feat: Al Johnson “If I didn’t have you”
Andy Stokes “Let have a good time” (New 5 Entertainment)
Rita Wright “It don’t mean nothing to me” (Kent)
Lee Field & The Expressions “I’m coming home” (Big Crown)
Energy MC2 “If you break it” (Soul Junction) Promo 7’
Mather “No looking back”(Disco Soul Gold)
Roy Roberts “Should have been over” (Promo)
Mel Bolton’s Mighty Fire “I wanna to know about loving you” (Bolton) 7’
TL Shider What would you do”(TLS Entertainment)
Lee Field & The Expressions “Precious love” (Big Crown)
Rozetta Johnson “I’ve come too far with you(to turn back now)”
Cadence Love “Never in a million years” (Aquarius) 7’
Arnold Blair “Finally made It home” (Triumph) 7’
Lew Kirton “Come with it” (Marlin) 7’
Johnny Ingram “Betcha don’t know” (Society Hill)
Johnny Ingram “Both sides of love” (Society Hill)
Edwin Starr “Nothing but all “ (Friends) 7’
Gregg Jackson “One for the road” (ZIP Promo) 7’
Energy MC2 “Other side of the mirror”” (Soul Junction) Promo 7’
Kenya: Tom Glide Rework “Make us smile” (Expansion) Promo
Alton McClain “Your love is all need” (Expansion)
TL Shider “I’m feel you” (TLS Entertainment)
Freddie Scott “You’re so hard to forget (Kent)
Mather “Searching for love” (Disco Soul Gold)
Cadence Love “Want to get back”” (Aquarius) 7’
E.R.I.C. “Backstage” (Soul Junction)