Soul Discovery Radio Show

Chosen Gospel Recovery Singers “I just want to say” (Parliament)
Robert H Fowler “Truth is (I really do)” (Lovebream Promo)
Elliot McCalley feat: Victor Hayes & Tony Remy “Sunshine” (Promo)
Kejam Feat: Cleverland Jones “Fly free” (Promo)
Dwight Tribe feat: Mattew Hallsall “Feelin good” (Gondwana Promo) LP
Robert Montgomery “Take me high” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
James Day Feat: Glenn Jones, Tony Terry, Tim Owens, & U-Nam, Lin Roundtree.
“Speak Love” (Promo)
Cleverland Paker “How long” (Ronfo)
Bell-Telphunk “Love vibrations” (Kingman) 7’
Mark IV “Give me just little” (Cordial Promo) 7’
Melvin Brown “Crying for your love” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Robert Montgomery “Time of the day” (Promo Soul Junction) 7’
The Dynamics “We found love” (Columbia) 7’
Cornell CC Cater “I choose you” (CDC Productions)
Maurice “How can you you love me” (MRT & Glomar)
Booker Newberry “I can’t forget about you” (Promo)
Melvin Brown “’Love stormy weather” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Jay King “Running” (Expansion)
Tre Williams “I’ll be around” (Advantage Recordings)
Intrigues “Let me love you tonight (radio mix)” (Promo)
S.S.O. “Iwas made to love her” (Shady Brook) 7’
E.R.I.C. “Nightlife (Pomo)
Holidays “ Too many times” (Soul Junction) CD
Chairman of the Board feat: Ken Knox “All I need is you tonight” ( Mophilly)
Rita Wright “It don’t mean nothing to me” (Kent)
Sandra Richardson “After you give your all” (Promo Kent)
Sharon McMahon “When will I find love” (Calitown)

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