Soul Discovery Radio Show 10/9/17

Little Beaver “She gone” (Emprire)
Josh Milan & Anane Vega “The world is a Family” (Promo)
Sugaray Rayford “Don’t regret a mile” (Blind Faith Records)
The Intrigues “Give her the love that she needs”” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
Geoff Waddington Feat: Tameka Jackson “Do you know” (Blandy Promo)
Sandra Richardson “After you give your all” (Kent) 7’
Phillip Ballou “Ain’t Nothing Like The Love” (Nefer Promo)
O.C. Tolbert “(Marriage is only) a state of mind” (Colemine Records) 7’
Sammie Relford “Breaking ice on love” (IZIPHO SOUL Promo) 7’
Reggie Boone “Gonna be alright” (Momma Momma Music)
Sam Frazier Jr “Why do people play with feeling” (Big Legal Mess Records)
The Intrigues “If the shoe fits” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
Lee McDonald “I’ll do anything for you” (Debbie) LP
Kim Tibbs “Can I spend my life with you” (Expansion Records)
The Undisputed Truth “The girl alright with me” (Kent)
Fathers Children “I really really love you” (Numero Group)
The Intrigues “You are so dear to me”” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
Victery Tustson “Let somebody love you” (Vine Entertainment)
Wayne Henderson “You think of her” (Polydor) LP
Aliah Sheffield “Where I’m at (Is in love with you)” (Sound Gems Records)
Dexter Moore feat: Tracey Preston “Everything will be alright” (DM)
Marjorie Ingram “Another woman involved” (Hit & Run) 7’
Deniece Chandler “I don’t wanna cry” (Toddlin’ Town) 7’
Reggie Boone “Tell me” (Promo Remix)
Marzette Griffith “Promise me your love” (AJ Real Management)

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