Soul Discovery 17/12/17 tracklist / playlist

Soul Discovery 17/12/17 tracklist:
Al “Coffee” McDaniel “What a woman wants” (CPA)
Gizelle “S.T.A.Y.” (Jalapeno Records)
Las Vegas Connection “Running back to you” (Cordial Recording Promo) 7’
Bull & The Matadors “My babe” (Bigman Records Promo) 7’
Herby Brown “More more broken heart” (IZIPHO Promo) 7’
The Jonesetts “Once I had a love” (Soul Junction) CD
Earnest Jackson “Why can’t I love somebody” (Stone) 7’
Cardell Harrington “I love you, need you, want You” (Promo)
Wade C. Long “Running” (Sealong Entertainment)
Crack of Dawn “Your love” (G-Three)
Ann Franklin “Movi’ on” (Cannonball Promo) 7’
The Dells “Cause it’s christmas time” (Dells/Way)
Leon Triplett “Winter time” (Triplett Records)
Rich ‘Christie’ Feat Monique Reed “Free to believe” (DL)
Robert Montgomery “Love song about you” (Soul Junction) CD
Randall Jermaine “Running” (Jumele’t) 12’
Little Milton “Survivors of love” (Mier) 7’
Al “Coffee” McDaniel “Very Special lady” (CPA)
J.B. “White Christmas” (Mell Soundz)
June Rochelle “This Christmas” (Vision)
Mark IV “Signs of a dying love” (Cordial Recording Promo) 7’
The Chairman of the Board “Each morning I wake up” (Mo-Philly)
Leon “Promise of love” (Vaziva Music)
Al “Coffee” McDaniel “Nice & slow” (CPA)
Bobbi Humphrey “Uno Esta” (Blue Note) LP

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