Soul Discovery 10/12/17

Johnny Adams “Going out of my mind” (Rounder)
The Toppiks “Win all your love” (Soul Junction Promo) CD
Willie Wright “Real thing” (Cannonball) 7’
Bull & The Matadors “A part of my life” (Bigman Records Promo) 7’
Jayna Blackwell “feat: Ken ‘Yuan “That’s my song” (C-Town)
Gizella Smith Feat: Eric Boss “S.T.A.Y.” (Legere)
Mark IV “Signs of a dying love” (Cordial Recording Promo) 7’
Robert Montgomery “Love song about you” (Soul Junction Promo) CD
Bell Telephunk “Sister moon” (Kingsman) 7’
Bernadette Bascom “I don’t wanna lose your love” (Solidarity) 7’
Madeline Bell “You’ve got what it takes” (Themes International Music) LP
Bull & The Matadors “My babe” (Bigman Records Promo) 7’
Sol feat: Gerald Albright “That the way that I feel you” (Pacific Coast Jazz)
Wade C. Long “Running” (Sealong Entertainment)
J.A.M. with Peace, Hope and Security Joe Mitchell “Happy to be alive”
(Glory Land) LP
Sisaundra “Live” (Promo)
Gloria Barnes “Home” (Maple) LP
The Four Thoughts “Plain as the nose” (Soul Junction Promo) CD
Sammie Relford “Isn’t amazing” (IZIPHO Soul) 7’
Sammie Relford “MI-O-MI” (IZIPHO Soul) 7’
The Invitations “I didn’t know” (Silver Blue) 7’
Andrew Smith and Friends “You came into my life” (Cannonball Promo) 7’
E.R.I.C. (Extra Rich In Class) “Gimme a chance” (Drama EP)
Las Vegas Connection “Running back to you” (Cordial Recording Promo) 7’
Las Vegas Connection “Give me your love” (Cordial Recording Promo) 7’
Donald Byrd “Lansana’s Priestess” Blue Note) LP

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