Logan Sama – Residency 2017-01-19

Logan Sama – Residency 2017-01-19 tracklist:
Wiley – Back With A Banger
Unknown – Eskimo Dub [White] P Money – Lyrics And Flows [Rinse] Lethal Bizzle – Round Here (feat. Flowdan & Giggs) [Dench Records] Sir Spyro – Topper Top (Logan Dub) (feat. Teddy Brukshot, Lady Chann & Killa P) [Deep Medi Musik] P Jam – Pepper Pot [Hardrive Records] Donae’o – Black (feat. Jme & Dizzee Rascal)
DaVinche – Nah Blud (feat. Capo Lee, Mic Ty & Jammz)
DaVinche – Life Like This (feat. Elf Kid & P Money)
DaVinche – Reloads (feat. Tre Mission & Merky Ace)
DaVinche – Run Us Down (feat. Manga Saint Hillaire, Jessica Agombar & Rocket)
Wiley – Bang (feat. Ghetts) [CTA Records] Ghetts – Top 3 Selected [F**k Radio] Ghetts – CPB [F**k Radio] Nocturnal – Back In A Big Way [Nite Knights Records] Low Deep – Straight Flush [Gana Records] Rapid – Xtra
Skepta – F’in With The Team
Mr. Slash – Skinny Sort [A.R.M.Y. Bullet] Ruff Sqwad – Burial
Virgo – Deeper Down
Various Artists – Sinner
Dcoy – Barbarian
President T – Buss Da Ting (feat. Ghetts) [Star Work Music] President T – T On The Wing [Star Work Music] Wiley – Joe Bloggs (feat. Newham Generals & President T)
Wiley – Unruly (feat. Newham Generals)
Cadell – No Link Ups
JayKae – No (feat. Bowzer Boss)
Blay – Skeen [Zach Boss] Ets – Everyday (feat. PK) [My Team Paid] Blacks – When I Do Grime (feat. PK) [Most Active] So Large – Sandwich (feat. Ghetts) [F**k Radio] Monkstar – Monkey Bars, Pt. 1 (feat. D Double E)
P Money – Welcome To England (feat. Solo 45) [Rinse] Tempa T – Man Like T [Next Hype Ent.] Vision Crew – Feel Like
Wiley – Laptop

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