Jack Saunders – Future Artists 2022-05-09 Maggie Rogers tracklist / playlist

Jack Saunders – Future Artists 2022-05-09 Maggie Rogers tracklist:
Dead Pony – Bullet Farm
Deyaz – Everything You Want
Alfie Templeman – Colour Me Blue
cathy jain – UFO
Confidence Man – Luvin U Is Easy
Mall Grab & Brendan Yates – Understand
Jordana – To The Ground
Jack Cullen – It Doesn’t Matter (feat. SNØW)
Pip Millett – Downright
Knucks – Die Hard (feat. Stormzy)
Beren Olivia – So Emotional
Anorak Patch – Paris Will Be Paid For
Wallice – John Wayne
XVOTO – Catacumbas
Willow Kayne – Final Notice
Phoenix Laoutaris – When The Lights Go Down
Dijon – The Dress
Samia – Big Wheel
L’Impératrice – Voodoo?
Matt Taylor – April 13th
Malaki – Fair Play (feat. Lucy McWilliams)
Charlie Hickey – Gold Line
Lou Roy – U.D.I.D
Tom A Smith – Could I Live With Being Fake
LØLØ – junkie
Charlotte Plank – Hate Me
Meg Ward – Check My Beats
flowerovlove – Will We Ever Get This Right
Abbie Ozard – Rose Tinted