Iggy Pop 2021-10-08 Sleaford Mods sits in tracklist / playlist

Iggy Pop 2021-10-08 Sleaford Mods sits in tracklist:
The Dicks – Fake Bands
Pixies – Vamos
Sham 69 – I Don’t Wanna
The Irresistible Force – Symphony in E
The Meteors – In the Cards
Butthole Surfers – John E. Smoke
Dan Penn – I’m Your Puppet
DJ Krush – Dig This Vibe
Two Lone Swordsmen – Patient Saints
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Swords Technique)
Ariel – Rollercoaster (Knees Up Mother Brown Mix)
Ariel – Rollercoaster
Plug – Me and Mr. Jones
Le Sarge En Board – Through the Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
MC 900 – The City Sleeps (feat. Jesus)
Baxter Dury – Cocaine Man
The Shamen – Oxygen Restriction
The Jam – Tales From The Riverbank
Underworld – Dirty Epic
Aretha Franklin – All the King’s Horses
Allnight Band – The Joker (The Wigan Joker)
Shellac – The Rambler Song
Laurie Anderson – O Superman
Neil Richardson – Approaching Menace
Hot Chocolate – So You Win Again
Half Man Half Biscuit – Reflections in a Flat
The Stooges – 1970

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