Iggy Pop 2016-11-18 Gavin Turk sits in

Iggy Pop 2016-11-18 Gavin Turk sits in tracklist:
The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning
EMAK – Filmmusik
Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust – Opening Theme Music
Sid Vicious – My Way
Atom™ – Mambo Brillante (HD Mambo)
Rita Hayworth – Sway Dancing
Shinehead – Billy Jean
Afrikan Boy – Lidl
RDB – Old Skool Boliyan
Ice Cube & Mack 10 & Ms. Toi – You Can Do It (Radio Edit)
Ms. Peachez – Fry That Chicken
Flight of the Conchords – Robots
花代 – Joe le Taxi
Iron Butterfly vs. New Order – In A Gadda Blue Monday
Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing
Camille – Au Port
Unknown – THX 1138
Tom Waits – Alice
Ikgiannguapaluk – Ikgiannguapaluk’s Shaman song
Mel Tormé – Comin’ Home Baby
Paul Whiteman’s Rhythm Boys – Happy Feet
Marcel Broodthaers – Teaching a cat about a pipe
Christian Marclay – Jukebox Capriccio
RJD2 – Smoke and Mirrors
Sam Lee – The Ballad of George Collins
Bruce Lacey – Ancient Forces 3
Janis Joplin – Summertime (Live At Woodstock)