Iggy Pop 2016-01-29 Henry Rollins sits in

Iggy Pop 2016-01-29 Henry Rollins sits in tracklist:
The Stooges – T.V. Eye
Killing Joke – Change
PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta
Jimi Hendrix – Radio One
The Sods – Pathetic
Lower Plenty – Strange Beast
Crystal Castles – Alice Practice
The Birthday Party – Say a Spell
Damaged Bug – The Mirror
Tenor Saw – Ring the Alarm
Ashtray Navigations – A Skull Made Of Salt
CAN – Spoon
Antelope – Wandering Ghost
The Mothers of Invention – WPLJ
John Lee Hooker – Teaching The Blues
The Cramps – Five Years Ahead Of My Time [Demo Version] R.I.P. Chix – Tempura Nights
Beastie Boys – Egg Man
Charlie Parker – Be-Bop
The Lurkers – Cyanide (Pub Version)
Scott Walker – Pilgrim
Wire – Go Ahead (Notre Dame)
Root Beer Barrels – (Tell Your) Man To Suck It
Minutemen – Joe McCarthy’s Ghost
Afflicted Man – Hippy Punk
The Gun Club – Nobody’s City