Heidi – Residency 2016-01-28 La Fleur in the mix

Heidi – Residency 2016-01-28 La Fleur in the mix tracklist:
Anil Aras – Dance MF (Edit) [Hot Haus Recs] Dance Trax – T2000 [Dance Trax] Get Real – Snuffaluffagus [Get Real] Eats Everything – Way Past Bedtime [Pets Recordings] Tiga – Planet E [Counter Records] Acid B**cez – Thinking About Acid (Joeski Remix) [Turbo Canada] Sebo K – A Journey (Diego Krause Remix) [Scenario] Franck Roger – Circles [Earthrumental Music] Kerrier District – Techno Disco (KiNK Remix) [Hypercolour] QX1 – I Won’t Hurt You (I Swear) [News] La Fleur – Waves [Watergate Records] DJ Dozia – Pop Culture (KiNK remix) [Ovum] La Fleur – Make A Move [Watergate Records] Terranova – Kepler 186F (DJ Hell Remix) [Kompakt] Acid Mondays – 4SCAN [Power Plant Records] Lauer – Birsk [FutureBoogie] The Black Madonna – Gloria (Unreleased Edit) [White Label] Lil John – Mama’s Luv [Chicago Style Records] Jamie 3:26 – Hit It n Quit It [Lumberjacks In Hell] Torch Song – Prepare To Energise (Re-Edit) [I.R.S. Records] Roman Flügel – Stricher [Turbo] [unknown] – Untitled [White Label] Philippi – Karma [Deewee] Asa Moto – Wanowan Efem [Deewee] Philippi – Gueto De Gent [Deewee] Emmanuelle Seigner – Emmanuelle [Deewee] Waffles Edit – Uriah [Deewee] Waffles Edit – Spanish Fly [Deewee] Die Verboten – Dafalganger [Deewee]

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