Gilles Peterson 2022-06-11 Joining The Musical Dots: Shall Not Fade, Jhelisa tracklist

Gilles Peterson 2022-06-11 Joining The Musical Dots: Shall Not Fade, Jhelisa tracklist:
Artie Zaitz & Mark Kavuma – Cedar Tree (feat. William Cleasby)
Cleo Sol – 23
Quiet Village – Keep On Rolling
Oblikovanje – Ain’t No Sunshine
Ural Thomas & The Pain – First Dimension
George Riley & Vegyn – Sacrifice
Kuedo – Sliding Through Our Fingers
Léa Sen – Much To Lose
OB JIGG – Jesus Is My Jam
The Vernon Spring & Aden – Sidewalk 8
Shabaka – Black Meditation
Jackie McLean Quintet & Grachen Moncur – Hipnosis
Roy Ayers – Hey Uh What You Say Come On (Dave Lee Edit)
Seiji & Lyric L – Loose Lips
Ezra Collective – Victory Dance
Jordi Sabates – Ocells Del Mes Enlla Part III
Kokoro Disco-San – Sonic Feeling
Hermanos Calatrava – Space Oddity
Felipe Gordon – Momma, Its a Long Journey
Kessler – Old Wives Tale
Laurence Guy – The Sun is Warm and Directly Above You
Cinthie – Offenbach Anthem
Laurence Guy & Miller Blue – My Heart Still Leans On You
Sw2 – Twin Carbon (feat. Yoni Mayraz)
Ben Hauke – Your Woke Moment
Commander Spoon & Miss Angel – Flock: Episode 4
Penza Penza – Merman
Dan Boadi & The African Nationals – Money is the Root of Evil
Orchestre Massako – Gnekelhe Mohi
Shane Cooper & Dox Records – Flow
Nick the Record – I Appreciate
Midnight Band – The Bottle (Kon Remix)
Tommy Stewart – Fulton County Line
Steely Dan – Peg (The Reflex Version)
Eddie Russ – The Lope Song
Matt Wilde – Pivot
Minikingz & BenjiFlow & Ragz Originale – New Skin Care (feat. Oscar #Worldpeace)
Greentea Peng – Stuck In The Middle
Ola Szmidt – C Tactile Afferent
Jhelisa – Story Of A Musician’s Madness
Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure
Jhelisa – Oxygen
Rhythm Masters – Spanish Ritual (The Conga Vibe Mix)
Kibrom Birhane – Tinish, Tinish